Nodus Trio

With a sound that creates textures, landscapes and sends its listeners on a journey, Nodus is searching the endless possibilities music has to offer. Based in New York, the trio is comprised of three students currently studying at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. An improvisation-based band, Nodus plays original compositions and arrangements that embody an eclectic array of influences such as folk, world music, jazz, classical and other various genres. Each member comes from a different walk of life and brings their story into the group, which creates a unique blend to the quality of the music performed. Nodus is comprised of Pianist Hyojin Kim from South Korea, Bassist John Koozin from Texas, and drummer Michael Hojnacki from Chicago. Together, these three musicians entice its listener into stories that are filled with emotion, pictures, adventure, and energy. Nodus has started to become a growing voice in the music scene and went on a Southwest U.S Tour in Texas this past summer of 2015 playing at venues such as Houston’s Ovations and Austin’s Skylark Lounge.


Contact: at this time Nodus is not available for booking - but contact through website portal for inquires

YouTube Channel:


Here is another video of Nodus at Ovations from our Texas Tour 2015. The video features dancer Sherah Shipman, performing on four compositions/arrangements by member of Nodus, and Tenor Saxophonist and Composer Blake Opper.


Here is the first song Nodus ever played together. This is a beautiful arrangement done by our Pianist, Hyojin Kim, of Pure Imagination from "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory".


A composition of mine entitled "From Ashes". This was performed the summer of 2015 in Houston, Texas, at Ovations with Nodus.

Featured -

Dancer: Sherah Shipman

Saxophonist and Composer: Blake Opper