Below are some videos and or recordings of my original music and arrangements

Here is Nodus performing my composition "Jumbled"

Footage from Nodus' second night at Houston's renown venue Ovations on 5/23/15. The footage includes our featured Tenor Saxophonist and close friend Blake Opper, and our new collaborative partner, dancer Sherah Shipman.

He is my arrangement of Charlie Parker's Repetition. The original tune and solo was transcribed by me and arranged for The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music's Percussion Ensemble under the instruction of Amir Ziv.

Sorry for the unfocused camera! Song - She Moves On. Composed By: Paul Simon Arranged by: Michael Hojnacki, Kevin Ray, & Louis Levin This is Paul Simon's song She Moves On off of his album Rhythm of The Saints. With the help of two good friends we transcribed and arranged the piece and I constructed the ensemble and lead rehearsal for the performance.

Percussion Ensemble Arrangement of Paul Simon's: I Can't Run but off his Rhythm of the Saints album. Here is another Percussion Ensemble arrangement I did some years ago.