Video by: Seawall Studios


Held at Seawall Studios in Brooklyn, NY, Seawall Sessions was produced and curated by Singer-Songwriter Bianca Muñiz and Cinematographer (co-founder of Seawall Studios) Stephanie Gaweda. Seawall Sessions is a gathering of like-minded and diverse creatives; a space to gather with friends and create new connections; a celebration of expression; a night of intimate performances and appreciation of the arts.

Below are performances captured by the Seawall Team that are released every Friday on their YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

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Audio Engineering and Mixing is done by myself

Curator of Artists: Bianca Muñiz

Curator of Vendors: Stephanie Gaweda


Seawall Sessions #1


Seawall Sessions #2


Bianca Muñiz

feat. m.Hoj